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Jill Schuchard
Name Jill Schuchard
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Hobbies pets, cooking/baking, reading, gardening/ helping elderlys. bird watching
About Me Just divorce after 34 years, living with my sister which is ill. Taking care of parents. Not much time for me. Fiancial problems also, but getting by. My sister & I really need a getaway, too much stress here. I could go on but I don't to ruin your day. We would just like to share a happy moment for once, without the worries. It has been too long.
Jill Schuchard
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211 days ago

Ellen, The last couple of years have been the worst ever, I am on disability, yet I am taking care of my sister, karen. Her health is not good. She has her good days and bad days. She has had two heart attacks, copd, arthritis and last time we went to emergency we were told that she has severely scarred lungs, due to the radically radiation treatments she had when she was a child.They also found nodules on her lungs, needless to say with no insurance they could not do a thing for her. Anyway we struggle alot, sometimes we barley make it. That's where our parents come in. We would be homeless if it wasn't for them.Ellen, we think you are the most awesome person ever! All of us, even Mom watches you every day! You make us cry, smile & laugh!Anyway if there is anything you can do special for our parents , that would be so awesome! We all love you Dearly no matter what. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox