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Name Jill
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Hobbies kids and sports. Professional T.V. watcher
About Me I love to cook, watch my kids play sports. People dont need score updates cause you can here me yell from the living room. My kids are the biggest success I have ever done.
Win Day 13 of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
572 days ago

I so want to win. I dont think I write the best messages here. Ellen, I love the joy you bring in my stale home. Thank you for bringing laughter to our home five days a week. You are a gift. Happy New Year

Message from Ellen
592 days ago

I really need to be on this show. Ellen is my pill for a smile and laughter. My whole house rely's on her to put me in a better mood. PLEASE tell me how we can see her. We need an adventure. Burbank is not that far from Phoenix! Someone, anyone tell me how we can get tickets so I can bring my 4 girls to her show.