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Relief for Sandy
621 days ago

I now live in San Diego, originally from Queens, NY (have also lived on Long Island and in NJ.) All these areas were affected by Hurricane Sandy. All my family still lives back there. Thank you, Ellen in helping people not forget about the devastation that has been brought to my home state. Living here and seeing the heartbreaking pictures of all the devastation this Hurricane has left behind pains me so much. My husband works for San Diego Gas and Electric here and his company was one of many out-of-state utility companies who sent people back to help people get their power back on...some people went more than a week without and some are STILL without power. I keep finding myself crying over what has happened there. Pictures do not do it justice (as I remember since I was living back there when 9/11 occurred.) Please keep all in your thoughts and prayers. And thank you to all who have donated. We all are experiencing tough economic times but some of these people have lost everything, if you can donate anything to help them, please do. Thank you, again!