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Jessica Medina
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Ellen! I love you and your show! I watch you almost every day, and laugh out kids look at me like i'm crazy, but who's my time to forget the stresses of life.. I am a single mother of 4, ages 16,12,7 and 5. I was off of work due to stress leave for 6 months because my father was beaten in Modesto California and almost died. I live about 2.5 hrs from my parents so I stayed with them for a while while friends looked after my kids. in the meantime, my truck died. The cost of fixing it isn't worth it, and my budget won't allow either. I recently started working part-time at 12.50/hr and well to try and house/feed a family of 5 alone, you can imagine. I am currently driving my dad's 1994 mazda truck (small...very small truck) because he lost some of his vision and cannot drive anymore. while it does have 5 seatbelts (well, mine is broken...but shhh..) it is SUPER small for us! Also the top felt is coming off..and it's just a mess. I volunteer for a little league, high school sports and am always busy and giving of my time and energy..and hardly ever say NO because I believe what comes around, goes around. I am humbly asking for you to help me and my kids out during our hard times! Thank you so much!