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Jessica M
Name Jessica M
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Hobbies Um... wanna be do gooder, reading, working out, going in the steam room at the gym with a green face mask on and freaking everybody out...
About Me I'm Jessica - Graduated from WMU in Michigan in 2010, and fortunatley I have been able to find a job in my field! (juuuuust kidding!) I've worked since I was 15 and I've done just about everything besides... plumbing... I like to have fun, but in a responsible way (i'm a muslim) so no party party for me. I'm really outgoing, and I definetly try to help people when I can because it gives me an excuse to not think about what may or may not be going on in my life. I am easily excited and amused. I believe laughter is the best medicine! :)
Jessica M
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588 days ago

LOL I saw that today... holy cow... I think you should consider making more animals so that i can make a collection... like the pummel your face panda bear, and the duckling destroyer, and the pig your lights out. and they should all have different colored balls.

Jessica M
Message from Ellen
588 days ago

Ellen! your show, besides Law & Order SVU (did you know mariska hargitay set up an organization to help rape victims? and ohhhh elliot) and Criminal Minds (ohhhh detective morgan), is among my favorites.... Although your show has nothing to do with crazy sadistic psycho killers and sexy men with wonder what that says about me... bahahaha anyways I'm super psyched for Les Mis... My dad took me to see it when I was 10, about 5 minutes in i started to cry (having no idea what was going on or what it was about) and my dad was like, 'why are you crying?' and i looked at him all teary eyed and said, 'daddy their voices are so BEAUTIFUL!' .. he laughed at me. just like he laughed at me when i cried during the detroit performance of the spice girls at the palace of auburn hills one year prior.

anyway, there is probably no chance ill ever have the pleasure of being in your audience, since I have no idea when I'll ever be back in LA, and trying to get tickets to your show are like... trying to become famous by tap dancing on a table in a coney island to sugarhill gang apache's "jump on it"... but hey, gangnam did something kind of similar... right?

ANYWAY... If I ever do manage to be a member of your audience... I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DANCEOFF. seriously.


your friend Jessica