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I am nominating my mother Patricia Blake for a new car. My mother is the rock in our household. My dad has had esophagus cancer and underwent a major surgery which kept him in the hospital for a month. she worked all day and drove back and forth to the hospital after work. This is roughly 120 miles back and forth to the hospital from our house. His cancer has now returned and is at a stage 4. She has had to leave her job because she is his care giver and she again drives him back and forth to the hospital also she runs me and my 2 brothers around and unfortunately we have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator that she bought used and it was a lemon and it is falling apart and she doesn't have the money to fix it and it also drinks up a lot of gas. My mother is the most loving and caring mother and always has a smile on her face but lately I hear her crying but does not want anyone to know she is crying. A car would be great for her because she has never had a new car and if anyone deserves a new car it is my mother.
By the way... I really love you and your show.
Jessica Blake