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Name Jessica
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About Me I am Filipino I am a girl I am married with twin boys (3.5 yrs old) We live in Toronto, Canada I am doing fine I feel like something is missing or not being used about me. I need a makeover not to feel pretty, to feel get a reset, to get my hubby to look at me w some desire... I am a virgo I watch ellen on youtube to cheer me up I am coo coo for Madonna I am a recruiter I devoted 80% me to being a mom and running the house and 20% to other things. I used to like those stats, but I think, the boys are old enough that I can move it to 50%mom and 50% others....but dont know where to start. i have good days, i have bad days. I am signing up because the Philippines, the city of Leyte in particular is suffering.....and am wondering if you haven't already sent help, please do so. I know you have a heart of gold, you pleasantly wake up the good in all of us that I believe you can be a catalyst in raising awareness and support for the magnitude of damage Leyte is faced with. Thank you....
Sophia and Rosie Sing with Nicki Minaj
227 days ago

what a gift! Brings a smile to my day