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Jerry Smith
Name Jerry Smith
Location Bessemer, Al
Age 42
Joined 539 days ago
Hobbies Swimming, gardening,then there's the make-up and hair since I sell AVON....GOTTA LOVE THAT - we all got time for that!! And just your average girly stuff, love taking pictures and going to new places seeing new things. Animals have a special place in my heart. I can't take them all in, however I make sure I donate what I can, (with a family of 6) to the ASPCA, the Wildlife Funds, and I am a lifelong member of the B'ham Humane started b4 Sara McGloglin, but had I not already been a member - she would have got me into it!! It's so sad the lives so many animals have. It's crazy. So I do what I can. The story about shark fin soup - still I can;t get it out of my head! I tell everyone I know b/c ppl do not know the truth about it! And I had never heard of it much less eaten it...but ppl do and have no clue!
About Me My simple dream...just to meet Ms. Sweet Brown and YOU Ellen!! That lady had me rolling on the floor for weeks. My household was going to throw out my laptop if I didn't quit playing her video. I would wake my husband up in the middle of the night playing the video - REALLY! Other than that just your average story: Mom living in a small town with 4 adorable GIRLS. 19, 18, and two 14 yr.old twins. I have 3 Chihuahua's whom I LOVE W/all my heart and I sell AVON, sorry Cover Girl, lol....but I love you and your show. You are one of the most kind hearted persons I have never met! Love how at the end you tell us all to be kind to one another!
Jerry Smith
Eric Stonestreet, Emeli Sandé
539 days ago

Can't wait until Thursday comes ....
ERIC are the BEST, and the FUNNIEST ever!!!
Love you :)
Jerry Smith