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Jerry Black
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Has anybody noticed the kind of heart Ellen has? She's got the heart of an angel and i think she is the Angel of comedy and entertainment industry in general. I Still can't find the right words to describe Ellen's kind of heart. I was blown out of this world the first time i watch Ellen's show with the cover girl, the second one was the pregnant woman on the street where she gave out $500 each to those that helped the woman. The 3rd one was all expenses paid trip to Australia and the last one i watched was two guys whose father needs medical treatment for some sickness. Ellen has made comedy the best thing to do in the world, she only does not make you laugh but she has brought unbelievable changes to people's life as well through comedy. Ellen is worth dyeing for cos she is one of the few creations of God that makes the world a better place for other people to live in. I do not care what you think but she is my BEST today, tomorrow and forever.