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Name Jerry
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Hobbies I love to give birth to new ideas that causes human reaction and heads twisting (snap) painting and piano but most of all being free
About Me Hello My name Is jerry valentime I love to sing and just have fun working and haging with good postive people example my mom and my brother painting im ok at it but ill get better at it. Im from queens newyork im a finally born and free bisexual young man I ♥ love ♥ science. I'm a happy realist, who enjoys seeing people react. To anything. I live for the arts. Music.Illustration.Photography=my thing. My voice = my first love I've never been too much of a conventional thinker. I consider this to be an indefinitely positive thing. I like to dabble in Postmodern philosophy. It intrigues me to no end. I can be strangely outgoing, or socially awkward on occasion. It's a coin toss. I think if you need drugs to have fun; you aren't actually a fun person. I'm human. Like everyone else. (( Just not quite :] ))