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Name Jerrin
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About Me I have a new laptop computer and a new very "flat" cell phone and apps is not short for apples. I having lots of fun figuring out how to use these. I call a lot of people I don't intend to call and end up having conversations that I have to make up on the spur of the moment because I didn't lock my phone. The reason I don't lock my phone is because I don't know how to unlock it.
Super Bowl Show, Portia's Birthday!
540 days ago

Happy suggestion that will probably get me thrown into the lions den. What if just for one, just one of the many award shows we have every year, all of our brilliant, beautiful, handsome and celebrated actors and actresses wore normal "Dressy" clothes and all the $$$$$ spent on dressing up in Gowns, Diamonds, Tux, Gems, was donated to feed the Hungry/Homeless in America. And what would be wrong with the designers creating a beautiful dress or suit that WE, the common people could have the hope of going into our favorite department store and buying and dressing like our favorite Actor?