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Jerrilynn Sanford
Name Jerrilynn Sanford
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Hobbies Reading ,knitting ,crocheting ,cross stitch ,listening to music & watching tv.
About Me I am a 50 yr old Certified Nurses Aide -Medication Tech in the state of Maine .I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 32yrs we have 3 wonderful boys 1 in NY.with his family ,!in WA state with his Family & 1 in FL. with his family . i am 1 of 4 children my mom passed away in 2006 my dad passed in 2008 & we just lost my big brother in 2013 it is just me & my 2 sisters & there familys now
Jerrilynn Sanford
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173 days ago

My best friend Adele is a single mom & when i had my first hand surgery so my husband wouldn't have to miss work she & her son Chuck took care of me by coming to stay & fix my meals wash my hair & take me to my appointments. Adele has a minimum paying job & her son goes to college & has a part time job & while i was out of work due to medical reasons I lost my job as a CNA-M because i cant lift on pt. anymore . But we were struggling to just pay rent,buyfood,pay for heat & pick up my perscriptions .Adele & her son saw we werent making ends meat so they bought us groceries & put gas in our cars they have less money than we do they live paycheck to paycheck them selves as do we my family helped when they could but my brother was dying of cancer in CA. & my sisters partner was rediagnosed with more cancer on her spine & in her brain so they werent able to help much & my other sister is a single mom of 3 only 1 is at home but my sister has medical issues so she also struggles with her bills & such but my sisters helped where they could .Adele & Chuck always were checking in to see if we needed anything .I know you probably never come to Maine as it is a long trip but I feel that Adele & her son have gone above & beyond to help us & her son always tells my sisters if you need me just call . So we have sort of added them to our family ,they struggle day in & day out & it is hard to live where the economy is not great jobs arent big paying just minimum wage isn't alot to live on but in times like these a true friend doesnt judge you they help when they can & they have. Even though they dont have a lot & neither do we but we are always there for each other ! I would love to be able to help her out more but as I said I have to have more hand surgery & im unemployed & that ran olut in Dec. & until congress votes on it I dont have any unemployment coming in & I cant get a job due to I cant do my normal job so.My husband has been working 72 to 84 hrs. a week to try to pay our bills & live & he works swing shifts but he never complains he always say your health come first our 3 children all live out of state we have 1 in NY., 1 in WA.,& 1 in FL.& they have families so they cant help us either.Our boys & there families have never met each other only through skype & FB& they havent come home for about 3 or 4 yrs so we skype with them to see our grandchildren we met our youngest sons wife & kids this past Oct. only because my mother -inlaw bought us tickets to go visit & meet them our oldest brought his family up to Maine after his sons cardiologist cleared the baby to fly,his son has tetralogy of the fallot & had open heart surgery @ 5 months old our middle son & his family live in WA. state & he has 2 beautiful stepdaughters & a baby on the way we have only seen them thru skype & their new baby is due in May but she may have downs syndrome the DR.s are saying she may not they wont know til she is born so they cant afford to come to Maine either life isnt easy but I have tried to do the best I can but it isnt enough & then Adele & her son have always been there when things have gotton tough they have been 1 of my rocks my husband is my biggest rock we have been married for almost 32 yrs we never had a honeymoon because we safed to have children my boys have always been my pride & joy & most of all they are our world & Adele even made all there Christmas gifts because i could knit or crocet what they wanted she did it without me even asking she brought there gifts & helped me package & send them out when she didnt have the money or the time really to do it she did anyway .Her car is 11 yrs old & she cant afford a new 1 it is an expense she cant afford , my husbands care is also 11yrs old & on its last leg but her son helped sand it & patch up the rust spots so we can still use it they did it in the cold ,when we ran out of oil for heat they went & got fuel jugs filled them so we would have heat till we could afford to get oil & then our landlord upped our rent starting this Jan. from $975.00 a month to $1050.00 & we have to supply our oil for hot water & heat .So Adele & my family have been trying to find us a cheaper rent or maybe Adele & her son Chuck & me & my husband can rent a house together to split expenses so that maybe we all can get back on our feet & may be able to get a head a little & save until i can get back to work or retrain to be a medical assistant which not much lifting is required . So I hope you will be able to help as I have watched your show since it started & you are a VERY CARING LADY!!! Thank you for your time & thank you for being YOU Love Always Mrs.Jerrilynn K.Sanford & God Bless you always & forever