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Jenny Eugarde
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Jenny Eugarde
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Hi Ellen.
My name is Jenny my partner and I watch your show every day if we aren't home to watch it we record it, we are a same sex couple and have been together now for five years,we are having a commitment ceremony in September 2013,due to our laws here in Australia we can't legally get married so we have to have a commitment ceremony but that's ok as to us we will be legally married. she is the love of my life and my best friend who I simply adore and have done since I met her five years ago. She has an amazing 17 year old daughter who I love as my partner is also name Jenny ,she simply adores u and draws strength from u and your show.i am writing to you as to help make my girlfriend smile again,she is the most hard working and selfless person I have ever known in my life,she tries so hard to be the best mum to her daughter and best partner to me,she would give us the earth,even if she couldn't afford it or was down to her last cent.she has had a hard few years.with a bad break up,then pulling herself together for her daughter she worked two jobs to pay the bills and get her daughter through school and every day expenses.and just trying to give her daughter a happy life. Then things still piled up on her she took a third job to try and get ahead of bills and school fees and every day expenses .she got her confidence finally back,everything was finally going well for Jen.i seen the life come back to her and her beautiful smile,then bad luck found her and she lost her jobs,not all at once over a period of a couple of months due to cut backs.and being bullied in one of her jobs for finding out she was gay and her beautiful spirit left her,her confidence left her,and self esteem. My jen is not a person that shows to anyone her struggles or pain.i know she is struggling everyday to keep it together and not let us see she is scared,it crushed me to see her so depressed and nothing I could say or do could help her get it all back,she felt the lowest of lows,she feels she has let myself and her daughter Ashlie down.But she is out there every day looking for a job and knocking on every door for any opportunity they can offer her,I know she is trying so hard to not get knocked down,she is a fighter, I know she is worried how to pay her daughters school fees,help pay the bills and everyday expenses, she is worried bout the wedding plans now as she can't afford to help out.i know she wants this day to be the best for me,and I know she is holding a lot of worry inside her.i know she cries every night and preys to god for strength and guidance. I try as much as I can but I haven't the money either to help and I feel bad as Jen helped me out financially when I first met her,and I feel helpless I can't help her. she has the biggest heart and helps anyone out,that needs help she always puts herself last and everyone else first....please Ellen I'm begging you here please help my beautiful girlfriend smile again and help her get her self esteem back.i love her endlessly she is my world........

With god I prey for a miracle,and an angel named
Yours faithfully
Jenny Eugarde........