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Jenny Casten
Name Jenny Casten
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Hobbies I write poetry and singing.
About Me I love mother nature. When the leaves change. I love the water during the summer. I love to cook out during the winter time in the snow. I love country music and hip hop. My favorits are Garth Brooks,Carrie Underwood, Reba, Martina McBride, Little Big Town and more. My most Favorit is Garth. In hip hop I like Pit Bull, Little Wayn, Rihanna and many more.
Jenny Casten
Keith Urban, Savannah Guthrie
558 days ago

My mom and I have been through a lot. I would love to have an awsome get away with her. We went form living out of uor suit cases. Her for a little over a year. Me forabout five mos. .I got a job, we got an appartment and finnally things got a little easier. That le off some stress from our lives. This vaccation would mean a lot to my mom and I and or relationship. Thank you for your genarousity. Ellen we love you

Jenny Casten
Send Love to Ellen's Mama
665 days ago

I pray your Mom is getting better. I hope to see her on the show soon. Love you Ellen's Mom

Jenny Casten
Cold Cats
675 days ago

I went through and made some comments that I thought was funny. Like the cold cats photo. Mamma are you in here? No our mittens are not in here. Say this real fast. Milk milk milk milk. Then the cat with the mean look with a boy on his head smilling. The cat says, "Does it look like i'm smilling. No really get off my head."
The alchole stand that say back to school. Can you say your ABC backwards. I can't no really I can't.