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Jenny Andersen
Name Jenny Andersen
Location Sydney, Nsw
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Hobbies Cooking & laughing at my 2 teens (beats shouting)
About Me Working Mum in suburbia trying to regain part of the body I wiped out in the past 10 years.
Jenny Andersen
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
547 days ago

OK, firstly I'll own up ... I'm not your biggest fan, but I am a fan and I love watching your shows when they're shown outside of my work hours and I reckon I can get some time off to come along (I'll tell the boss where I'm going so I won't be throwing a sickie). I've signed up for World's Greatest Shave which is 14-17th March and raises money for the Leukemia Foundation, and I was thinking what if you were to shave me on TV?? How cool, and I wonder how many $ I could raise?? I did it about 8 years ago and only raised $110 which was disappointing especially since I went the #2 comb, this year I'm going to go the #4 so it's not too traumatic for my now teenage kids. (They're just out of therapy after last time!). So, whadyathink??