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Jennivieve Arjune
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444 days ago

Ellen you are truly an AMAZING person, I love how you make me feel so connected to you, and that I can get through this day and how important it is, for us as a society to respect and love one another. I admire you, your such a inspiration and everything you stand for. I try to watch your show, whenever I get the time too! My most favorite moment on your show is everytime you make dreams come true for the common folks, it gets the water works going each time! It's like wow someone cares and is trying to help us out and it shows us what a act of kindness can make someone's day no matter how big or small. Having the chance to actually come meet you! Wow that's such a dream of mine! I would such an honor and my mom loves you too! She thinks your such a beautiful woman inside and out.

Jennivieve Arjune
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589 days ago

Hey Ellen,
I absoluty love your show I watch it as much as I can, your hilarious and sweet and a all around great person btw so pretty! I remember once I was in the shower and your show was on and my mom had to wash her hands and she goes "you know Ellen is so pretty' and I'm like mom! I'm showering and I know right! LMAOI love your attitude, your so positive and such a upbeat person! Happy Holidays and god bless Ellen <3 tc