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About Me I am a professional artist and mother of 3 grown children and 10 grandchildren. Will. Give you insight into who I am
Jennifer Myers Kirton
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238 days ago

On your show you asked for a hero. My son,33, father of three and husband has end stage Sarcoidosis . He is on chemo and steroids. He is remarkable in that he is still working, and trying to make his house safe. He was undiagnosed until disease has ravaged him. He was out of pain for about a month in the last 17 years. As he says I have had the end of life talk with family but I am not checking out. He was going to college but sickness stopped that. He holds down a full time job. He is city Commissioner and helps kids at school. He tries to work on house in spare time to make it safe. He is the type of person when neighbors lawn mower broke he and wife mowed their lawn. He is not on a sympathy trip and told me I can not cry. Their family is known for helping others. Last year they ran a campaign to get a families electric turned on and give the their first Christmas with a tree. I have seen him eat pancakes or cereal with water but made sure the kids had food