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Jennifer Hanna
Name Jennifer Hanna
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About Me Mother of 2 boys Lane 13 & Shane 10
Jennifer Hanna
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236 days ago

Hi Ellen! I love hearing my mom watching your show then I get into it with the music. I torture my boys with the old stuff it sucks cuz they love it!!! I hate asking for help from anyone even my mom but I had to come back home to upstate NY from Utah. My Dad passed away last year to the date and my Husband he's epileptic, and same night my mom called to let us know, he started having seizures and they weren't stopping was in the hospital not awake over a week and because of a bed sore they operated he wasn't getting better and he's been through hell and I just talk to him daily on the phone and I hate that I can't be there in Utah. But I can't because I have MS and I can't walk and can't take care of both my sons so was able to get friends to get me out to my mom in NY! But I was leaving my "Big Daddy" behind and I've been so lost and he's been too and wants to be out here in NY with our boys and me. I just need a new smile (cuz MS ruined mine) and my "Big Daddy" in good care here in NY where I can go see him daily instead of calling. I know he'll get better quicker around our boys and me! Plus my mom she's the best cook and the hell we've both been through this year is crazy I don't know how I could ever repay her. This sounds weird Lyle's lucky number is 13, our son is 13 and its 2013. Think someone upstairs is sending message. I know it does take me awhile to get something but this is messed up! Got me laughing my ass off!! I don't know the first thing how to get Lyle here, where he'd be able to stay he's in a temp nursing home, I get so confused and too much going I can't handle. Just want him home in NY again.