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Jennifer Darling
Name Jennifer Darling
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Hobbies I sell Scentsy, Sports, Cooking and gardening
About Me I am just a mother, wife and I work a full time job. We love to vacation at the beach when we can. I am very close to my family. I have a best friend who means the world to me. I love anything outdoors and like to get involved with my children's school as much as possible. I am their biggest fan when it comes to watching them compete in sports or school activities. I adore my Mother and give her the credit for everything and anything that is "good" in me! On, and I adore you, Ellen, too!
Jennifer Darling
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451 days ago

Dearest Ellen, My 8 year daughter, Ella Sophia, and I love to watch your show. I pick her up from daycare after school and work and we race home to watch your show. We laugh and laugh and think that you are simply amazing! You have a heart of gold and do such great things and give so much of yourself, time and money to well deserving people. I truly hope that someone does do a little something extra special for you too but I am sure you don't expect it in return. You are a great role model for my daughter to see that it's better to give than receive and I am so grateful that she chooses to watch your show rather than play a video game or watch something that she shouldn't be. You are inspiring to us and every day I feel like your show is my "break" from reality for a little while. My mother used to watch your show as well but she has very early Alzheimer's and is now in a nursing home. Luckily, she is still somewhat physically active, just very pleasantly confused. The three of us used to watch your show together when my daughter was quite young and before Mom's disease progressed quite rapidly. I have fond memories of those times. I just wanted to say "Thanks" for being you and having a great show and for making me feel like there is still good people and people still doing good things for others in this world. We love you!! Sincerely, Jennifer and Ella Darling
PS - I now see that I am to "keep your comments relevant to this blog entry" below. oops! My apologies, guess I didn't read all of the directions.