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Jennifer Cochrane
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About Me Single mom to an adult child. My husband died in 1996 & I made the decision to quit working by living on what Social Security Survivors benefits. Things were always difficult financially, but Cortney never knew it. Soon after John passed I started getting diagnosises. Interstitial Cyctitis, a debilitating bladder disease where my bladder loses elasticity. I go to the bathroom in a 24 period I can urinate around 100 times. My daughter basically took care of me until she left left for college. In the last few years I have been diagnosed with a whole host of syndromes and diseases. I get $465 a month in SS benefits, my mom is letting me live in an empty house for free. Without that, I'd be homeless. I so wish I could give back to those who've helped me.
Jennifer Cochrane
Rejoice! It's Joyce!
297 days ago

Joyce was at the end of the show hiding behind the guest chair holding a Walgreens gift card for your entire audience.

Jennifer Cochrane
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596 days ago

Merry Christmas!