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Hey Ellen!

You've heard of Gandhi, right? Well he never wears shoes, making his feet super rough around the edges. He also went on several hunger strikes, making him very frail and fragile. Due to his odd eating habits, he also had VERY VERY bad breath.... That would make him, a super-calloused, fragile, mystic, hexed with halitosis!

When she found out she was pregnant with twin boys, Beth and her husband knew they could not afford to keep the baby's, so they decided to give them up for adoption. One son was adopted by a couple in Egypt, and was named Ahmal. The other son was adopted by a family in Costa Rica, and was named Juan. On his 18th birthday, Juan sent a picture of himself to his birth-mother. Crying hysterically, Beth said "Juan looks so handsome! I wish I could see what Ahmal looks like!"... to which her husband replied "Honey, they're twins. If you've seen Juan you've seen Ahmal!"

What Do you get when you throw a bomb into a kitchen in France?
Linoleum Blownapart

Did you know that there's a certain breed of antelope that can jump higher than the average house? This is due to its powerful hind legs, and the fact that the average house cannot jump.

Love you Ellen!
Jenn Carrick