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Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
272 days ago

I disabled due to Hunttington's Disease, Narcolepsy, Fibromyalgia and so many more to list but not enough paper. I suffer with complications as jerky body movement's, memory problems, slurred speech, dropping things those are just a few I can add. In this time of confusion, anger, loss of job, loss of a full life there ave been 2 women by my side. My stepmother Rebecca Brilliant and husband Mark have helped me in so many ways from getting me home, being supportive, helping me with gas that I still have to repay and recently donating a large amount to my Team Jenn walk for Huntington's Disease. The other woman is my mom Bonnie Hammmond and she has been by my side with sweat, tears and being my mom. She was put in a situation that her daughter was very sick. Even today she doesn't fully know about the disease but it hasn't stopped her loving me, listening to me through the pain and tears, if I had no food, gas or toilet paper she made sure I did. She helped raise money for Team Jenn as well, participated and constantly wants to do more. My 40th birthday is coming up in November and all I wish for is to pay them back some how but nothing ever works out for me that way only words and tear. I still can't afford anything extra like clothes, have good heat and it hurt's me inside everyday wishing I could pay th back something.
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Jennifer Apt

jennifer apt
Jessica Chastain, Tim McGraw
539 days ago

Hello Ellen, I love your show and it always makes me laugh and cry. Thank you for that because both make my day so much fuller. I just wanted to share that Tim McGraw is absolutely sexy, great and one of my greatest inspirations. When I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy then a genetic disorder called Huntington's Disease, it was like life was over for me. I was traveling back to my home shaken, panic and in the deepest confusion ever and the song "Live Like Your Dying" by Tim McGraw started playing on the radio. I sat there in my car, crying and listening to this beautiful song and decided from that point on that's exactly what I would do. It's been a very rough road, very trying on my family but I am here still trying to live every moment because at any given moment it could be my last. Well thank you again and felt like I had to share my little tale with you because you inspire so many to.