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Name Jenna
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Hobbies Four wheeling, Singing,
About Me I'm Jenna and I love hanging with my friends and having fun I'm very hyper and my friends tell me i'm fun to be around. I am One Direction BIGGEST FAN!! They are my idols and I would do anything to meet them and just tell them they inspired me to never give up and just to be myself.Well that's it!!!
One Direction and Keira Knightley
615 days ago

Dear. Ellen
Please make my dreams come true to meet one direction. I been supporting the boys since x-factor so when I heard they won I was beyond words. When What Makes Your Beautiful came out I was going through some stuff at school with people bullying me because of my weight. I never did harm but their was moments when I thought about it. So when I heard What Makes You Beautiful by them I knew i'm beautiful in anyway possible and that i shouldn't let peoples opinions affect me. Now I looked a life in a positive way instead of negative, i'm much happier and I LOVE to have fun. I just want my one wish to say thank you to them and tell them I will be a directioner since the bands dies but even after that I will support them through anything. PLEASE Ellen help me make this wish come true and most of all help me make myself MORE happier

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner
624 days ago

Hey Ellen I LOVE your show and I also heard one direction is going to be on it i'm the BIGGEST directioner EVER!!! I have so.... many one direction items it's crazy. My parents never have money for me to see them in concert or even go to a meet and great, their my idols and without them I would be miserable with the bullying going on at my school. So PLEASE Ellen help me meet one direction. Love Jenna