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I need to find help for an amazing family that truly needs and deserves it. My friend Kim Oke son has severe athetoid quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She is a fantastic mother to him and created a fan page "No Limits for Liam," that she uses to bring awareness and celebrate her son's accomplishments. Every day is a new challenge, but she stays positive and keeps pushing forward.

Her husband had an accident a few months ago and is now on disability. He's had multiple knee surgeries and they are not sure when he can return to work. Kim can no longer work, because she worked at Canada/US customs and an incident there that resulted in disabling anxiety. She can't handle searching vehicles or carrying a gun, so she had to leave her job. She also can't receive government support, because they don't recognize her as being disabled. They don't have nearly enough money coming in and about to lose their house. They are constantly selling off their belongings to pay for Liam's therapy, plus they have two other children. It breaks my heart watching her fall apart and I have no money to help. I've given what I can, but I am not financially well off by any means. She needs a miracle and Ellen was the first name that came to mind. This family has been through so much, PLEASE help them get back on their feet.