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Jenn Jazdzyk
Name Jenn Jazdzyk
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Hobbies Making Christmas ornaments
About Me I live a very simple & clean lifestyle. I have been through hell to get to where I am in life today. Life is worth living today. I believe that there are no coincidences in life & that everything has a reason, meaning, equal & opposite reaction. I believe that what you put out into the universe gets reflected back to you. I pay it forward any time I am able. I attempt to do a good deed every day, no matter how small it is, because I believe one tiny gesture could possibly be a defining moment to the recipient.... A smile may save someone's life.
Jenn Jazdzyk
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226 days ago

I would be so grateful if you could help my holiday wishes come true! I'm not greedy, I would appreciate a pair of the Ellen Boxers you sell! Thank you Ellen. I have emailed a few times in the past, with no response. I would love to give my boyfriend a pair of your boxers!