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jeffrey d huey sr
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jeffrey d huey sr
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iam not able to work , i havent been able to in over a year because of my back i will be having back surery on 9/13/13 ! iam a single dad have been for 10 years or so , my son is the best son in the world he is still in school has one more year to go then he plains to join the army but right now he is working at mc donalds that is the only income we have, and were living in this old camper rv that is falling apart and has no runnig water exept in tolit we have to go some were eles to take showers, that we are making payments on and renting a trailer lot to park it on plus we pay ower on power ! My son deserves so much better he has giving up so much of his life to take care of me and he shouldnt have to have so much stress and birding on his shoulders i have came close to taking my on life afew times so he wouldnt have to take care of me ! but that wouldnt be fair to him, iam trying to get disability right now but we know how long that takes, we are behind on all bills camper pament lot rent and i dont know what were going to do he starts his last year of school in 2 weeks a i cant even buy him school stuff the only car we have is falling apart its a 1990 ford tempo that isnt safe for him to drive ! i dont care about me but it is so hard to look in his face and knowing he is so stressed out but yet he smiles at me ever day and tells me everything is going to be ok knowing its not we are so close to being homeless !iam running out of room to write i love u Ellen Please help