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Jeff Howard
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Hobbies Theoretical physics, hiking, fostering and volunteering for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.
About Me I am currently employeed as an Engineer/Scientist along with my wife of 31 years. We work side by side in business as well as animal rescue. We love to hike, explore and appreciate life (all life) in general. Our desire is to surround ourselves with great and wonderful people. In that way we have a benchmark to strive for.
Jeff Howard
'Graybeards' Help Victims of Sandy
542 days ago

I wanted to write to help clarify the comments made by Terri Brooks regarding Angels Among Us Pet Rescue (AAU) and her new baby. First of all, I am a volunteer and foster for AAU. AAU started about 3 years ago with founders LuAnn Farrell, Valorie Weinburg and Lisa Zambacca. From these great ladies, AAU as grown to more than 220 foster families, many volunteers comprising the largest volunteer pet rescue in the Southeast. And, is now saving pets at the rate of 140 pets per month. We can only save at a rate that is congruent with the number of foster families and funds in terms of donation. We are growing and public awareness is essential to our growth. Each of the founders has contributed many thousands of their personal dollars to make sure that AAU thrives. We have established a network of vets and other care givers all in an effort to save lives. Last Wednesday, I was contacted personally by Larry McDonald, the son of the late US Congressman from Georgia by the same name. Mr. McDonald was very concerned about the welfare of a border collie that was obviously homeless, freezing and starving. This poor dog was brought to his attention by a close friend who was a FedEx driver. I contacted the AAU leadership to get approval to save this baby. In order to get approval a foster plan has to be in place with hopefully funding available to care for it's degraded health. Lisa Zambacca went into action to post on the Angel's site for fosters and donations. It was decided to go ahead and save this baby even before fosters and funding were available. And, so I contacted Mr. McDonald and he notified the FedEx friend who transported him to my address. Upon hearing about this story on facebook there was an outpouring of support in terms of fosters and eventually we got the call from Terri Brooks who wanted to adopt this baby. We met with Terri and she fell in love. This baby has suffered and deserves a great home. Her AAU name is Natalie but her new name will be Annie. In about 9 hours I will have Annie with one of our best surgeons to do hip surgery as she was most likely struck by a car before coming to us. She was also infested with hook, whip and heart worms and had a staff infection. AAU has committed to caring for this baby at their expense which will most likely exceed $2000. But this baby will have a great life from now on due to the kindness of the Larry McDonald, The FedEx Driver, The Angels (AAU) and of course Terri Brooks her new mommy. Any exposure to this story would be a blessing as it would bring attention to all the great people working so hard to save these pets in the south. Angels Among Us is based in Atlanta Georgia. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information. I would love to provide links but thought you might filter for security reasons. Thank you for all you do. I can be reached at 770-426-5099.