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Jeff Broughton
Name Jeff Broughton
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Hobbies Golf, fitness and Florida.
About Me I am a Columbus, Ohio fire fighter. Founder of Equality Brand LLC and a guy who just wants to enjoy life.
Jeff Broughton
Send Us Your Ellen Busts!
552 days ago

I am one of four owners of a new company, Equality Brand LLC. Our company is all about bridging the gap between the LGBT and Heterosexual community. Our company will also offer products for sale. Although our company has not started selling any of the products we would like to give Ellen our first product, a $7,000 wrist watch. This watch is assembled in America with swiss parts.
Ellen being a collector of watches, we would love to say she wears one of our watches as well as she would appreciate wearing one. We are eagerly waiting your reply, no matter what she says. Thank you for your time.