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Jeannie Morris
Name Jeannie Morris
Age 54
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Hobbies crocheting,puzzles,wild life adventures.
About Me I am a mother of 3. I enjoy the outdoors, love animals,kids and people.
Jeannie Morris
LL Cool J
452 days ago

I am watching you at this moment Ellen! I wanted to say I really agree and value what LL Cool J stated on today's show.

Jeannie Morris
Message from Ellen
465 days ago

Assembly of God church reads.

7 days without prayer makes
1 weak.

Jeannie Morris
Message from Ellen
473 days ago

It would be the same as being in a Merry Choirus to help out Jeannie Morris, Just as it is a Glory to be in or help in finding Dory! Help! I need a little help to cover the cost of living expenses ever since I was ran over by a car. Hope you can use this or something close to it. Glory we've found Dory!
Thank You