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Jeannie Horn
Name Jeannie Horn
Location Phila, Pennsylvania
Age 46
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Hobbies Flea Markets, watching Ellen of course!!
About Me I'm 45, divorced with 2 girls Jillian-23 and Tara-15. I like to think I am a good person. I love to help others. I get so much joy from watching someone happy. I have always been like that but I also learned that you need to be very careful who you choose to help!! I am fighting stage 4 rectal cancer and have been through so much in the last 3 years. It did spread into the liver and both lungs. I had the liver surgery and it's still clear but the lungs not so much. I never thought I could ever be as strong as I have proven to be. Funny but I have never been happier in my life than I am today. Cancer changed me. It made me appreciate the little things in life. Waking up in the morning means more to me that anything you can buy. Life is short and fragile so don't waist one second one the small stuff, it's just not worth it. I hope when I leave this this earth that I left behind memories that still makes everyone laugh and smile when they think of me. I make sure that I do something everyday to make me and someone else laugh. Hey cancer can never take one thing from me and that's my sense of humor!!! I LOVE to laugh and that's why I love watching Ellen!! Thank you Ellen for giving me 1 full hour everyday that I don't think of cancer TY TY TY XOXOXOXOX
Jeannie Horn
Jack Black and Shemar Moore Aim for the Cure
294 days ago

OMG I missed this show!! I am fighting rectal cancer and if I got a kiss from Shemar Moore it wouldn't be cancer I died from lol Loved him since his soap opera days!!! DARN DARN DARN but thats what On Demand is for!!!