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Jeannie Barnes
Name Jeannie Barnes
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About Me I am a very pleasant, Christian, lesbian. I enjoy animals soooo very much. I like to read,write,do art work and enjoy my four dogs. I am with my partner of eighteen years. I love classic auto's and motorcycles.
Jeannie Barnes
Kristen Bell, Cedric the Entertainer
545 days ago

Happy Birthday, Ellen! Enjoy to your fullest! Many, many,many more fun times to come!

Jeannie Barnes
Where Should Jeannie Go Next?
672 days ago

Hi, I would like for Jeannie to visit two Special friends of mine in Mayflower, Arkansas. They are Glenda and Christie McNew, mother and daughter. Christie has an illness called, dystonia and ceberal palsy. Christie will be thirty years old on Oct. 28th.
Glenda lost her job a few months ago, and has not found one yet.
They live together in a house that needs lots of repairs. They are behind on their bills, but they have a newer car, which she has to make payments on.
We help them out all that we can. But, they need so much more help.
If they could get someone to do repairs that they could trust to do the work properly, it would be nice, but as you may know, as we do, that it is hard to find anyone.
If Ellen can find a way to help them, I would dearly appreciate it!
I enjoy watching the Ellen show and you all do some wonderful work to put on such an award winning funny show! Don't know what Life would be like without the Ellen show and I really don't want to ever know!
Keep up the great job and Congradulations on the tenth season!!!
Yours in Christ,
Jeannie Barnes