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Name Jeannie
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Hobbies Dancing, camping exerciseing
About Me I love life, and take advantage of all things that are such a blessing. I love people who are of my character, & yet find it easy to speak with anyone, no matter of color, etc. I pray for peace in our world, wouldn't it be great if we could all be respectful, & peace loving? I love Ellen's show she has so much humor, & we should laugh a lot , best medicine. Thanks Ellen go girl, keep us laughing. Jeannie
Linda, About Those Cupcakes
134 days ago

The little cupcake kid. I had seen this on my facebook page that a friend posted for me. This is such a natural, belly laugh. un-rehersed, happy, happy, & a great determined Mom's voice who disciplined is such an inspiration. I hope this gets to AFV, it's a winner in my book.. Ellen, I turned your show on, & then I saw the little boy, but I was too late, did he appear on your show with his Mom?, I was so excited, & yet disappointed, darn,but it is waht it is.

Thanks Ellen, Jeannie