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Jeanne O'Donnell
Name Jeanne O'Donnell
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Hobbies Reading, working, worrying about my kids;)
About Me Divorced, foreclosed, bankruptcy, robbed, no marketable skills but hey, I raised 3 caring kids with integrity 2 of whom will be teachers, and have a grandchild on the way! I founded a nonprofit theatre company for young people and directed children in shows for 17 yrs. now I need a job where I don't stand 4 hours ( physical probs). Always looking forward...hope, kindness and optimism are essential to life. Ellen you make me forget everything and just laugh!
Jeanne O'Donnell
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589 days ago

Thank you Ellyn for giving people hope to have a better Christmas. I wish your mom laughter and health for the new year--you & Portia have a wonderful life of love
I'm only entering contest on your site cuz can't figure out all the other stuff (tweet uhhhh)

Jeanne O'Donnell
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595 days ago

Oh Ellen can't get mobile to work, can't twitter so I posted on here and confirmed but my comment ( how golden your spirit is, how dark life had been and what I would do with the prizes if I won) didn't post soooo. I guess God doesn't want me to win. Sending this just in case yahoo is goofy using my other email address.
Hope goes on...