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Name Jeanne
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Hobbies my animals, volunteering at school, visiting with friends, reading, artwork, gardening organically, learning !
LL Cool J
450 days ago

Gosh, I'm not really the best at computers, and I can't seem to locate the ?contest to try to win LLCool-J's CD.

I really enjoy him as an artist musically, as an actor, and he just seems to be a really stand up human being ! I wish more folks could adopt his view on interacting with others.

Anyway, so like, I'm lost on your website, and don't know where to go...

Would love to visit your show ! would love to win one of LL Cool J's CD,s but MOST OF ALL, would like to just say that I love your show and you are the GOOD part of my days !! Thank you for being you, Ellen. Bless you.