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Name jeanmward
Location Portland, or 97266
Joined 552 days ago
Hobbies movies,music,(songwriter) painting in oil! phsycology. pets.gardening,wildlife vidios.
About Me I have not traveled in years. I'm on a shoestribg budget, I'm 72 and need a brake. please pick me for the Aussie trip. I am single and retired. I believe in God! Hope to meet you, you're great!
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533 days ago

I am jean ward from Portland, Or.97266
I am a new reader although I'm a constant viewer.
I have a problem uploading my picture, because I;m using a nine year old I-Mac. My Son had given it to me years ago, as he was getting a new one. The smaller child, "maia had broken the cd=rom and it had no printer. This has been a pain for me for years because I had a desire to write books. I have no camera for a long time now, so the pictures my Son sent are downloaded. I tried to send one to Ellen, the upload went on for hours.
I still do not know if it made it.
Late last evening I suddenly got through to Ellen. I felt like I stumbled on a rock and fell into a rainbow of life, connection, and
love, like someone really cared. I'm anxious to learn about all this
connecting to many many people. I'm 72 single, & a Christian Grandma of five. I'll sign off for now, love Jeanmarie! 02/10/13 2:05pm