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Jeanette Stroud
Name Jeanette Stroud
Location Bunbury, WA
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Hobbies Sports ruby gardening playing with my dog
About Me I am single I have my own home with my dog Gomez. I am a site administrator and do fly in fly out work up north of WA my swings are 3/1 when I fly home I spent time with my dog Gomez, chill out with my friends and family.
Jeanette Stroud
Lee DeWyze Performs 'Fight'
302 days ago

I was watching your show today in Bunbury WA Australia (30.09.13) and just loved Lee Dewyze song. I was that impressed I am going to try and buy the CD if I can not get one in the store I will try on line. I love your show Ellen I try and watch it every day while I'm home on sick leave just had a knee operation once I have recovered I will be going back to work which means I will miss your show as I do fly in fly out we do not get your show up north in the Pilbara where I have to fly for work. So Ellen keep the good music coming it is great and so is your show.