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Jeanette Couch
Name Jeanette Couch
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Hobbies Going for walks, reading, riding my bike, looking for a hobby that would make me most happy.
About Me I am a fun loving person. I love my friends, family, and husband. I would do anything for them. I love animals. They are my passion. If I could spend everyday on a ranch with horses, cows, dogs, cats, you name it all day, I would be the happiest person on earth. I love to laugh, and dance, and make people happy. I have worked in customer service most of my working life, did taxes for years. But I cannot get a job for the life of me. I am such a people person, I can't understand why I can't get a job.
Jeanette Couch
Keith Urban, Savannah Guthrie
556 days ago

Hi Ellen, I watch your show almost everyday. I love you to death. Even my husband will come and watch you with me. We laugh. And laughing together is so fun, and we need it. I have written to you, but I never got a response, I sent you pictures of my cat who unfortunately just died, and I am devastated, I so badly wanted you to see a picture of him. He was a 26 pound orange tabby, I would still love for you to see pictures of him. He was the best cat, he was my best friend, I miss him so much. I know you get millions of letters, and there is only ONE Ellen. I have tried for years to get tickets to your show, but it is impossible. I too want to enter the contest to make a copy of your head. But cannot find the information to enter, and all the details. You showed the address yesterday, but I couldn't write it down fast enough. Is there anyway you can give the information again? Or post it somewhere on your site? All I want is to go to your show. If we were to win, or even it to you, I wouldn't want anything else than to be on your show. AND DANCE WITH YOU!!!!
We love you Ellen...
Jeanette and Woody