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Jean-Yves  Robitaille
Name Jean-Yves Robitaille
Location new york, ny
Age 50
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Hobbies woodwork , drawing, photography cooking , biking , and watching Ellen
About Me Just a happy guy ! :)
Jean-Yves  Robitaille
The Incredible Jessica Bassett
169 days ago

I tied to download the song on i-tune … But they do not recognize the name of jessica Basset … What to do ???? ;(

Jean-Yves  Robitaille
Check In to Viggle!
430 days ago

Dear Ellen !

I am not too sure why I am writing to you ... Because I really doubt you will read this e-mail anyway. Why the "hint" !??...It is because ,I really doubt that you are even have a look into your web site ... Other wise I am pretty sure would would do something about how "CRAP" the way it is design ...Well, over all the look of the site is nice ... but those """"links"""" do not do the work !! It is like a game of cats and mouse... I know you love cats and games..."Perhaps" it is why ?? and in you quirky kind of humor ,it may be your own way to have a laugh. I know you got enough "dough" and probably do not care to try to enroll to win the $20000.00 , or the 12 days of Christmas give away ... but each of those links ... they bring you somewhere ...but no where to enter anything .

Oh well ...I hope you ad a great memorial day ...mine was fantastic ! {just like you, I can pretend in advance ...I got my quirky smile and raise my eyebrow too }
Jean-Yves Robitaille :) xxx

Jean-Yves  Robitaille
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
451 days ago

Dear who ever take care of this web site !

You should find a way to design this site in a easier way, to try to find what we are looking for . This morning I received the Ellen news letter and try to go vote for the funniest moments .... But no where it is to be found . Some time I press a link and believe it will bring it to me , but no :( !! Even under search , if we wright "vote for the funniest moments"it show , "no result".... It is really unfortunate

All the best, sincerely .

Jean-Yves Robitaille

Jean-Yves  Robitaille
Display Your Perry Pride with Matthew's Bumper Stickers
460 days ago

About the Matthew Perry's joke … Let just say… As reward, you should probably have Matthew first wish deliver { about the "threesome" he was hoping }…and make sure that he his in the middle... And make certain that the BIG handsome Tony, his behind him…So he will get the reward he was hoping, and sure deserve for !…for that "joke". ;)
His next joke could be about " black rooster" …Which should give him real chill, for the rest of his life, when he will think about it …Even more chilling then what that poor baby polo bear felt …


Jean-Yves :)