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Jean Reblitz
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I am a big fan of Ellen's. I share a passion with her. I believe in the power of positive much so I created a clothing line ( on sharing the message. I believe a smile, a kind word or deed is contagious and creates a chain reaction of goodness. Ellen does this EVERYDAY on her show and is able to create millions of positive chain reactions! THANKS ELLEN. I would love to give Ellen some of my shirts and pass on 'the message'! I work a couple of jobs and unable to focus 100% of my time to my business, but someday hope to create and share the message with many more people. Please consider me for tickets to see Ellen. This would be a dream come true!!! I will be the one starting and finishing everyday with a positively charged message...with a smile, a kind word, and a kind deed! It ALL starts with M.E. (My Energy, LLC)!!!

Positively Charged,