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Jean Peoples
Name Jean Peoples
Age 69
Joined 227 days ago
Hobbies crafts, games on computer, word find books. baking
About Me I am 69 years old, and would love to see your show with my daughter, surprise for her 50th. birthday in Jan. (see your show anytime). Always trying to help some out and make them happy. if possible.
Jean Peoples
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217 days ago

I am 69 years old, I would like to win something in my live once before I die.
Thank You love your show and all you do

Jean Peoples
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217 days ago

I would love to win this , I would share it all with my family.

Jean Peoples
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223 days ago

this has been a bad year for my family with their animals All three children had to put their dog down, it is so hard, they are part of the family. Love you keep up the good work

Jean Peoples
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227 days ago

Hi, Ellen, love your show, not very happy when I miss it, but my husband (of 50 years) found a way that we can see it wherever we miss it. I have him hooked on it also. Got my daughter hooked on it a couple years ago, but she tapes you all the time when she cannot see you, we do not have that. love you keep up all the good work you do.