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Jean O'Day
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Jean O'Day
A New Car for a Single Mom
502 days ago

Dear Ellen, I watch your show every day and you are an inspiration to all.
I know that you give away cars and my children are all grown, I raised them by myself, and all 4 plus one I adopted later in life, are doing well, and I am proud of them.
Before my husband died , he bought me a 2001 toyota it has been 12 years now and I need a new car. I transport my older sister back and forth to doctors, rehab, and the hospital, she does not seem to get a break in her health, she had a kidney transplant 3 years ago, she is 70 years young, now she needs a new rotator cuff and her back operated on. I need to be there for herand have a car that I can depend on, I am on a fixed income, so buying one is out of the question, my monthly bills take almost all of my ss check, and nobody will hire a 69 year old.
Thank you for listening to me, and keep up the wonderful work you do.
Sincerely, and love Ruby J. O'Day

Jean O'Day
Courteney Cox, Kevin Hart
565 days ago

Dear Ellen,
My whole family loves your show, 6 sisters, 16, grand children, and of course, the 11 great-grand children.
You are the best!
Hugs to you and Portia,
R.Jean O'Day