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Jean C. Morris
Name Jean C. Morris
Location Kamas, Utah
Age 71
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Hobbies I love being with my family! (7grannkids & 1 great grandson).. I love horses but I think I am too old to get on them anymore, unless it's an old "Nag"! I love to do oil painting & draw when I get time! Life just gets in the way! I do some scrap-booking, love fishing & hunting & especially the outdoors! I am an Avon Rep.& that keeps me busy. I guess I just plain love life! Plus I watch "ELLEN" nearly every day to see what mischief she can cause for that day!!(Hee-Hee) Your job would be so fun to have!!! Oh....I do love to "DANCE" too! Larry & I won 2nd prize on our cruise ship dance competition on our way to Alaska! Fun-Fun!! Love Ya Ellen..
About Me I grew up on a farm East of Heber City, Utah & loved riding "stick" horses until I got big enough to get up on our own horses! Tried out for Rodeo Queen two years in a row..didn't make it either year, but had a fun time wondering what was wrong with me? I started dating my best friend, Larry Morris, in the middle of the 9th grade, & when we were Seniors, he gave me a ring & we are still together now for almost 52 years! We had 3 children..2 girls & a boy! In the summers when the kids got older, we spent time in the mountains, cutting fire-wood for us & Larry's parents! Hard work but gook memories! Every summer, we plan a family reunion with my brothers & sister since our parents are both gone now! I have 5 sibblings & we all take turns each year, taking our trailers, tents & what-ever they can find to sleep in for a week, & stay in the mountains! This has become the highlight of all of our lives, plus all the grandchildren gets to see each other every summer, plus Christmas & Thanksgiving! There are over 100 of us now! What a blessing it is to be together!I love my family! We are go grateful for the "Make-a-wish" foundation, here in Utah also! We nearly lost our 3rd grandson with Retinol Blastoma, a cancer in the eye, but thanks to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, & all the good Dr.'s, we still have him with us! He was 3 years old when it started,& had to have his little rt. eye removed & a new porcelain one made then went thru chemo, radiation, saved his stem cells for later injections, losing his curly blond hair,..what a hard thing to see your little grandson go thru,along with your son & his wife suffering! Today..he will be 17 in April, & we are so thankful! He plays soccer on a acomp team, swims & does anything else he puts his mind to doing, besides he just got his Eagle Scout Award last Fall! Our daughter also had two sons that were born with cleft pallets, & had to watch the hard times with them & their surgeries! They had a daughter in between the 2 boys who didn't have any problems with any cleft lips, thank goodness! Our grandsons are both very handsome boys & young men now, with the miracles of the Dr.'s! ...Well Ellen, enough said about me except I think you know how much families mean to me & how much I love them! Thanks so much for entertaining me everyday! I love to dance too! Way to go girl!!!...Love Ya...Jean Morris
Jean C. Morris
Colin Farrell, Steve Spangler
511 days ago

Hi There Ellen,
You are as bad as my husband,Larry! Everytime he gets a chance, he's always scarring me! Now I am so jumpy, I get scared over the craziest things! He does have to watch out for me, because I start swinging when I get so scared, I have hit him a few times....not so easy either!
I was coming downstairs to get something, & he heard me coming & hid in our storage room, in the dark, & jumped out & grabbed me! I litterally started swinging & then it made me cry!
Then another time, I nearly peed my pants when he scared ELLEN MY DEAR......BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ARE SCARRING!!
What's funny, I watch your show & can laugh at them, but I know how jumpy they really are!....GO GET'EM GIRL!!!!
Love your show Ellen....keep on entertaining us home-bodies!
Love Ya,

P.S....I love to see you with Sophia Grace & Rosie...your face just lights up all over!! Jean Morris
Kamas, Utah