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Jean Kramer
Name Jean Kramer
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Hobbies crocheting,sewing and reading.
About Me I work part time in the Ocean County Library and when I have a day off I help out at my church making things for the homeless and for people in nursing home. I try to help people when ever I can.
Jean Kramer
It's Day 1 of 12 Days!
219 days ago

Hi, Ellen, I love your show but I really do miss Tony. I love his accent and his laugh. Please get him back.
I would love to win one of the 12 Day of Christmas prizes. Last year wasn't so hot for me, with going through Sandy (my street was okay but it was hard to get around) and going through two surgeries in December with no health insurance. I'm still paying off my medical bills but I'm feeling okay, my stomach is a little caved in from the second surgery. Christmas has always been my blue time and it would really be nice to win something so please keep me in mind for one of the prizes. God Bless you Ellen and if you see Tony again, please give him a hug from me.