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Jean Cruickshank
Name Jean Cruickshank
Age 63
Joined 598 days ago
Hobbies Crocheting,(self thought)enjoy) making blankets hats,and botties, for new born babies.
About Me Love the Lord,my family,and grand kids,a giving and careing person,Choir and Chruch as my health allowed. Diagnos with Breast Cancer three times when my pain is excruciation normal activity are difficult for me, in the pass eleven months have attempt to obtian disablity but, have been unsuccessful, but I am trusting in the Lord in the mean time. Ellen you make me laugh, cry, most of all the love and, joy you bring to all. blessing Jean,
Jean Cruickshank
Hilary Duff Talks About Her Baby
241 days ago

I reallly ejnoy the Ellen show, I am missing it now for the pass month dont have a tv it was struct bt lighting, so I look at the after show on the web for now.