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Name Jay
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Hobbies Surfing the internet, Reading and playing pool.
About Me I am a People person, My family means the world to me. I love to help others and to see them smile brings joy to my heart. And like my Dad always say "Fun loving and just easy going" :) Very thankful for life. And the small things matter to me the most. I love kids, and definitely a animal lover. I am an entrepreneur,and very ambitious.
Inspiring Family Wins a Huge Shopping Spree!
611 days ago

You are amazing Ellen! you are such a blessing to so many, you are truly a wonderful human being. Thank you for giving and warming the hearts of others, u have been an inspiration and an encouragement to so many. For years we have been giving from the little we have and sometimes that means we have to go without so others can be helped, we will continue to reach out no matter what. Thank you for being the beautiful person you are!

Worried About Gifts This Season?
611 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I am a BIG fan of your show, I know you probably get these a lot but i thought i would try anyways to reach out for some help. God knows we need a Miracle right now..

Things have been so hard for the past couple years, its been a Journey, barely seeing a way to get back on our feet, barely getting by.

my boyfriend proposed to me on my birthday June 15th of this year, i know he saved up just to make it so very special and it was the best birthday ever.

He is presently without a Job, he has been trying to get a start up loan, to try to build a small business with hopes of it growing into something that will get us back on track, we are still trying. Nothing has happened for two years now. I have a small business that has been suffering because of finances and our vehicle situation, business slowed down and barely making it too.

His mom isn't in the best of health, she had to do a heart surgery February of 2010, she pulled through and she is still here with us, thank god. She is a strong woman, and she is hanging in there, some days are good and some not so good.

We love her so much! We don't always know how much time we have left with our loved ones, and so we decided to plan our wedding for Dec. 29th right after Christmas, that made her so very happy as we are also,

neither one of us have ever been married before but we love each other and we want so very much to have a memorable wedding, but we are barely making ends meet as it is, our house was damaged badly by a hurricane and for the past two years we have managed to replace somewhat of a roof to the house, there is still so much to fix but the roof was the first priority,

it was not insured at the time of this disaster, so we have been putting all the little money we have into fixing the house, there are times when we don't even have a dollar left to buy groceries, gas etc. but we hang in there the best way we know how, some days are worse.

The car we have is not reliable, its been giving so many problems and it is constantly costing more and more just trying to get it fixed, now we've been told it needs a new computer, we cant even afford that so now we have no car.

It just feels like everything keeps falling apart, if its not one thing its the next. Its been so stressful but we are still fighting to keep the smiles on our faces, its hard to write all this stuff and just put it out there like this but, i cant hide it anymore. There is just so much more i would like to say but i feel so embarrassed.

Our wedding is right around the corner and i just wanted one day in our lives to just be at complete peace and make it Special. I cry sometimes because i don't know where the next dollar is gonna come from, because by the time we pay our bills there is nothing left.

We had put a little money aside to try and see how far it would get us with our wedding arrangements, however late July we met someone who needed some help really bad, and after much thought we decided to help this person out given that we would be re-payed within 30 days, Ellen, we have been swindled, there is no sign of that
person or our money.

I use to believe that i would have a beautiful wedding when the time comes, but now i am trying not to get my hopes up to much. we need your help so much and so i am asking and praying that you will consider us this season. We need your help, if there is anything or anyway you can, please, please consider us, it would mean the world to us. God bless you!

Happy Holidays to you and your Family.