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Jawaan Gibbs
Name Jawaan Gibbs
Location Dover, DE
Age 28
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Hobbies Writing poems, singing (even though I can't), spending time with my daughter when I get the chance to, bowling and listening music
About Me I'm 27 from Millsboro, DE. I have a 6 year old daughter name Jakihya. I'm a Certified Massage Technician. I like to sing and dance when I'm by myself and no one is looking. I enjoy writing even if its not complete poems or songs. I'm afraid of heights which one day I hope to break that fear. I love to watch The Big Bang Theory, Ellen, The Steve Harvey Show, Family Guy, Dexter and Family Feud. I love love love Katy Perry and Martina Mcbride. Eminem is my music idol. One day I will love to explore the world and try different foods and hear different music and see different people and tag my baby girl along the way.
Jawaan Gibbs
Ryan Seacrest
544 days ago

After watching the today's episode. Miss Ry'Shonda Fields brought some tears to my eyes because I'm a single father and it's very hard to raise a child of your own and for her to raise 4 of them makes me want to stride harder and harder to make sure my daughter has the best years in her life. God bless you and your kids. Much Respect :)