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Jason Witcher
Name Jason Witcher
Location Tucson, Arizona
Age 29
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Hobbies Volunteering and vocal performance
About Me My full name is Jason Lee Witcher, I'm 29 years old and a current volunteer for the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation. I am also a volunteer for a program run by SAAF called MSHAPE which stands for Men's Sexual Health and Personal Empowerment. When I'm not doing that I'm hunting for work in the veterinary field, working part time for a catering/event planing company and working on furthering my education in the very demanding field of veterinary medicine. I'm openly gay, a suicide survivor and always working to better myself and those around me. Though I have been put through hell, I have so much to be thankful for. Most important, is the people who constantly push me to persevere. It's because of them that I now see myself as the ultimate survivor and a constant reminder to others that all is not lost.
Jason Witcher
Luke Bryan, Hayden Panettiere
240 days ago

I loved your show today Ellen, and I have to say that Luke was amazing , and I definately enjoyed seeing the viral video. Most impressive :)