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Jason Eisenhart
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Jason Eisenhart
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Sometimes the sun comes round the moon sometimes the best people in the world don’t get the chance to shine because their voice are muffled or suppressed by all of the social media going on in the world. Sometimes the average Joe needs a hand with his life and is right in front of you, but you can’t see him because he dresses the part in fear of letting the world know he is in need of the little things in life that people take for granted. If everyone could just take a second to sit and think and realize that we are all a part of this world for one reason or another, whether you believe in god or don’t or whether you are left or right, sometimes people just need the chance to be people. In a world with vast communications we seem to let slide the thought of just the “hey how are you “to the fellow to our left or “nice to see you” to the one who you know is down on their luck, For once I wish we could all just look inside of ourselves and let it be known to the world that we are all fragile and need some kind of human companionship to help make all of our lives a better place to be in and believe that the future is always just a day away and that no matter what happens in this day or the next that the sun will always rise and that everything that seems to be suffering us will pass in time . There’s always a new shore on the horizon, let’s not forget to love and let people be, and to look out for one another when the times don’t seem to be going so well. We are all the same people deep down inside and if we can just be one together everything else really just happens to fall in to whatever space you created it for .