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Jasmine Turner
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Hi I am Jasmine Turner and I am using my mom's email to enter this contest. I am 11 years old and the pop star I adore is Justin Bieber. I always wanted to see him in person up close. It would be my dream to meet him up close. And the funny thing about it is that I have never seen a real celebrity up close.I wanna meet JB because I have a really really bad case of Bieber fever and it won't go away until I meet him up close and in person. And I love your show. My mom entered many contests on this sight and has sent you a video of me and my crazy accent. The accent all started when I was watching chopped one night and there was this austrailian guy on there and he had kind of an accent. He was talk about one of the other competitors and said " This guy is running around like a maniac." So I started saying it too. I hope you choose me to be on the show. Thanks. Bye! P.S. I love your voice in the movie finding nemo and I love your show.