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Hello Ellen, I can't believe i am writing to you but something deep down in my tummy keeps reminding me to do it for the past two days. You have been such an inspiration to so many people and me being one of them. I love what you stand for and most of all i love watching your show because all the smiles you bring to so many faces. You asked "What do I want in Life" I have asked myself this very question so many times over the last few years. My answer would have to be to make a difference in under privileged countries where it takes very little to bring smiles to peoples faces, just a little hope and love. I don't come from a family of wealth and have had to work my butt of to keep myself afloat to survive but i still having this burning desire to give away all money i work so hard for. I decided after someone special asked me "what i want to do in life" my reply was "to pursue a dream that has forever been in my soul." I started a fashion line where a percentage of all sales of the suits will go back into a charity to build schools and homes for communitites and families in need. The only thing wrong with the picture is i haven't went into production.... yet. I have hit road blocks (as one might call them) and find myself working 9-9 and feel my dreams of one day helping the ladies of the world not only look good but feel good through what they wear because they have given that little bit back to help support children and family's through fashion. I am a huge MEGA fan of Blake Mycoskie (Toms Shoes) and his creativeness and kindness behind his passion and company. I guess the only thing stopping me is the fact i am un educated, scared and lack of funds. I have the heart and passion but have never had the financial means to go to school. I have learnt through trial, error, fate, destiny and pure luck has brought both the right and the wrong people across my path. I feel the world is a tough place for all creatures great and small but most important is having the confidence in order to move forward with your head held high. I guess the first step in making anything happen is talking about it, so this is why i shared it with you. I just keep asking myself how does anyone make this happen. I feel financially overwhelmed by everything from importing/exporting cost, business and ownership costs and all the things that have to be in place before you launch a business on a minimum salary income. I know I will make it happen in good time but there are so many obstacles to power through the fashion world in order to get to the core of the line... which is giving back to people in need.